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Getting even with SPAMmers

20 years on the web. 20 YEARS! Can you imagine how much SPAM I’ve had to delete in 20 years? And, you know, I’m pretty fedup with it. Not pretty, f-ing totally!

So, I’ve had it. Now, it’s payback time.

So, how do you pay back? By returning the favour.

Let me say this, yes, once, in 20 years, I have SPAMmed. And, yes, I felt bad about it. And yes, I’ve sworn off my evil ways.

But, the thing is, if I really look at the definition of SPAM and what I did, I didn’t actually SPAM.

Nevertheless, after all the thousands of chainletters and crap, I’ve decided to get even.

Here’s how:

  1. Step 1: gather a list of sites that are know to SPAM. These are usually FFA sites. Some membership sites. Best way to identify them is if they don’t require email verification. Basically, they’re harvesting emails via their signup page.Why? Cause a lot of these schmucks send SPAM and include their email addresses as Reply To:!! Idiots and amateurs!And, strangely enough, the best place to find these is to search BigG for “what sites send spam” !
  2. Now, for the tedious part. Go to each of these pages and sign up the offending party. Not only will they be flooded by hundreds of signups, they’ll also be subscribed to email lists and their emails (verified or not) will be sold to 3rd parties.Now, if you really want to be nasty, go to their websites and find the general email address. It’s usually something like “info@” or “admin@” or “webmaster@”. Sommer include these ones too just for fun.Why? Most people who send SPAM are rising companies. So they can’t afford direct marketing. And, even if the company has bad services or products, most “advertising” companies don’t care, they just happy to send SPAM.
  3. In South Africa, we have the ECT Act. And, according to this law, any company / person found to send SPAM (unsolicited commercial communications) must provide any complainant with information as to the source of the personal information disclosure. If they refuse or fail to do so, they are criminally liable! Ow, our crap, corrupt, racist government does something right sometimes.So, step 3 is to threaten. Yes, threaten. So I send them this:
    Thank you for your SPAM (unsolicited commercial communications). As I am sure you are aware, I have full right under the ECT Act of 2002 to demand, without leniency, that you provide me within 48 hours the source of where you acquired my information. Failure to do so will necessitate that I lay criminal charges against your company and or yourself personally.

    For more information please visit: for the direct information or go to for the official, governmental version. Go to the bottom of page 23 where Section 45 begins. Read carefully. These are my rights and I intend to FULLY utilise them as of this moment against your company.So, today, I officially demand the following:
    – The source of where you acquired my information
    – The immediate and permanent removal of my particulars from your database

    [Enter my name here]

  4. Most people in South Africa, when you throw this at them, shit themselves a bit.
  5. When you do this, be prepared to actually follow through. Most important. I have, I will again, I prevail.

Now, I admit, I don’t always go all the way (like SPAM bombing the people), but I do go most of it.

This technique, with follow through of course, has been successful to finally remove me from the PESKY Democratic Alliance SPAM mails they always send during election times. I carefully related in the email how government and running government was a business.

Enjoy the hunting! Push back – Anon


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