Do IT before you get done in by IT.
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Watch out, SiteGround loves your wallet!

So, in my quest to find a new and better Host(UpYour)Gator, I’ve come across SiteGround (duh, they been around a while). So I plunge ! Yes, I do! They promise me a few things, which I’m fine with, except, on closer inspection things get interesting…

So I love my VPS environments. So much room to fiddle for much less than cost than a dedicated. So, I get me a VPS from SiteGround. CentOS unfortunately and managed, which I thought I could live with. Except here it gets interesting. See, my progs I write are evolving creatures, just like anything that’s worth while.

Now, I tell them I want supvervisord to be installed… $50… Yeah, for 2 minutes worth of work…

Now, I tell them I want gearman job-server installed… $50… Yeah, for 2 minutes worth of work…

Now, give me stunnel and mod_proxy_wstunnel… YES, THAT’S $100 for them @ $ 50 each! So, just to get this bloodied system of mineup and running, guess what, already $ 200!!!!

Now, give me gearmand client manager…. you guessed it, $ 50!! And, no, you pay for each separately! Each single line they type costs you $ 50!!!!!

And, you ask, uhm, why not just give me “sudo” rights? No, sorry, it’s a managed service!!! WHAM, $ 50 for reminding you of that! (No, just kidding, but I wouldn’t be surprised!)

Now I think to myself, this shit’s not going to fly. I’d best just point the domain to a other VPS (more about InMotion Hosting later) and downgrade to shared hosting for now while I figure out how best to move with minimal downtime.

GUESS WHAT !!!! $ 50 for downgrading, thank you very much! Oh, you don’t want to? Well, here, (and I’m waiting on this part now).

Holy CRAP, how much money is this “honest” business making? They reel you in with good marketing tricks and expensive (they really not cheap) prices and once you’re in their web, they slam you with config fees. Most non-tech people would be caught in their web and not get out again, cause that would cost them money as well.

Now, from their side, yes, I can understand why they do it, but seriously! $300 setup fee and then $80 / month? For WHAT! With $50 extra per month, I can get a dedicated!

Guys, watch out, they’re really going to rip you for anything they can. And, honestly, you can do much better.


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