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Hostgator… from hero to …

You might notice the missing HostGator advert to the right bottom… It’s sad, but I have to speak out. HostGator’s support is the worst on the planet…

I’ve been a defender and loyal support of HostGator for many a year. My count about 10 years. And in those ten years I’ve had awesome experience, until last year.

Now, I’ve seen this thing happen before, and here’s my opinion why they’ve gone from hero (in my books) to Zero (in my books, and, judging from other people’s writings and forum posts, many other people).

Now, I just firstly have to say, to those people who still blatantly punt bad products for the sales commissions, GRRRRRR!!!! Grow a conscience.

But, someone once told me, and I live by it now: “If you come with a problem and no solutions, you’re just bitching. But if you’ve got a solution, then you’re winning.”.

I believe HostGator went wrong when they started advertising heavily. They were already big. Now, being in several business environments regularly, I am confident when I say this: If you’re current business model and infrastructure cannot support more clients, STOP SELLING! Yet, they sold more and now their support staff cannot handle more, and their support staff IS THEIR BUSINESS.

Let me be frank, if I had the same support from HostGator that I get from SiteGround, I would not move my accounts. 18 months ago, the longest I had ever waited for a support technician to assist me was 10 minutes. Today, I’ve been holding for almost an hour. Even tickets take up to 2 days to be answered. As a business person, I cannot afford my business emails and sites to be down for longer than 0.00 minutes. And I feel the same about my client’s services as well. At the end of the day, they trust me and I need to have the same relationship with my suppliers.

3 October 2014 is the first time I complained about the queue being long (after waiting for 45 minutes). I received a response two days (huh, from support, so long?) expressing apologies and that they are working on getting their support service back to what it was… 3 1/2 months later… SSSD = EXTREMELY BAD SERVICE!

Sorry, I’m running a business and I cannot build my future on an unsupported foundation.

(Gone off to find a next HostGator(present-5years) type of company and get ready to move all domains BEFORE publishing this article!)



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