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Home Server: Amahi – Great expectations followed by complete disappointment

So, I’ve realised my life’s busy. And that’s just my current life. That’s without my plans for the future. Now, being a 39 year old who gets little exercise and doesn’t always eat right, my mind sometimes wanders or I forget… So, I came to realise that I need a system to manage my life with and make things easier. A CRM / PIM / FM / ERP / KMS / DMS / DLA / etc.

To be precise, here’s my requirement list:


  • Multi user & concurrent user – I want my kids (6 & 8) to be able to access the system as well.
  • Voice activated – Actually, this isn’t that important, as I’ll probably wrap the system with something like JARVIS.
  • Voice response – Again, JARVIS.
  • Mobile integration – Should have plugins for mobile devices, but that depends on what I’m going to use for each component.
  • Multi-node (VPS / phones / computers / tables / rasps) – I want to distribute it across different devices with a VPS as the primary VPN node.
  • Must be supported and LTS


  • knowledge management system – I have a lot of info floating around. Need to start structuring it for it to be useful.
  • learning system – Was thinking Moodle. Very nice system.
  • project portfolio & project server – Manage all my personal projects.
  • home automation – Actually one of my projects, but what the hell, include it by default.
  • multimedia – For me and the kids.
  • vpn – Of course
  • website fetcher / saver / indexer – Sometimes content disappears of the internet. Strange… So I’d like it local just for keepsakes.
  • social media – Integrate with my social medias
  • weather & predictions – Duh.
  • research – Was actually thinking of having knowledge and research as one.
  • tasks / todos – For the little things
  • diary – A life worth living is a life worth recording – Anthony Robbins
  • shopping list –
  • reminders
  • schedule – Daily / weekly / monthly / yearly / ad hoc for personal AFK and as well as operating system
  • backups – rsync good. rsync nice. rsync behave very greatly.
  • video monitoring – Yeah, I’ve got some cameras.
  • firewall – default on Linux, I know.
  • emails – aggregate my emails into the same environment.
  • chats – I use GTalk / Jabber and a couple of other systems to comm with work and private
  • Excercise / gym / tracking – 39, remember? Not getting younger
  • recipes & planning – One of my favourite hobbies.
  • books / ebooks / audio books – Education is the key to being different.
  • software repository / linker
  • photo collection /
  • quotes – A wise man once said.
  • news – Aggregate my news.
  • finances / budgeting / expenses /taxes / planning
  • investment portfolios
  • memos – Could actually go in with diary
  • CAD / Design
  • action monitor (devices/phones/etc) – watch my phone for a new file and get it when you’re done. Might have to write this part myself.
  • games – for the kids
  • maps / directions – Might write it myself.
  • downloads – Youtube / torrents / files / etc
  • meditation / self-hypnosis – A mind needs to be managed. Like a business.
  • languages – Learn learn learn
  • home planner / designer – Anything worth having is worth planning and planning for.
  • garden planner / designer –
  • vehicle maintenance & planning
  • video conferencing / skype
  • house inventory

Yes, yes, I know, I need a PA. But I have one. And she’s snowed in in work related work.

So I went a searching. And found something promising called Amahi Home Server.

Now this was last year that I found it. And last year I wasn’t ready with my home infrastructure to install it.

But last week I was. 7 machines in total laid out as follows: 1 x Ubuntu Desktop for messing around, 1 x Win8 laptop for work, 1 x Win7 Ultimate for media for server for kids, 1 x gaming machine (blank to be re-purposed for Amahi), 3 x old machines (blank).

So, I download the Amahi Express CD… cut it to disk… and complete failure to install. Tried several machines… fail. Setup a VM on Win7, Win8 and Ubuntu… fail. Ai. OK. So let’s try the unsupported platforms.

Install Ubuntu on the designated Amahi server… Lo and behold, Ubuntu works. Follow their online instructions to install and it INSTALLS !! Yeah, I think to myself, we’re in the pounds seat. Everything going well until I get to the point where I want to install apps… just to realise the apps they have on the online “app store” and the apps available in my dashboard are completely different. OK, not different, but almost none of the apps online are available on my dash… which leads me to wonder… either their their site is out of date or their system is incomplete or both…

My next recourse? WIPE and try SugarCRM (which I have just done and didn’t get past the ERROR IN JAVASCRIPT DURING THE INSTALL PROCESS! ) Go figure. Seems I’m worse off than before I started.

Maybe I should enable comments to get some ideas from you awesome people !


F*** IT, I’ll write it myself !

(2014-03-23 – I dub thee Servus).


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