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Selling domain names – an experiment

I’ve had a few domain names for a looooong time. And worst of all, I pay my yearly domain name fees, but never do anything about it. So, I’ve decided to explore the selling of domain names as my next little experiment.

Now, on the one side, I’m sad doing this as I’ve had these domains for many many moons. But, on the other side, I haven’t touched the content or anything regarding these domains for many many moons. They’re basically a liability (yes, I’ve been reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad). So, instead of spending more money, I’m going to clean out the closets.

The domains I have are and

Here’s my plan of attack. Firstoff, them being South African domains, I’ll probably list them on the local version of of eBay called

BidOrBuy has been around for almost as long as eBay. A bright chap realised the issues that went along with eBay for South African surfers and decided to build his own local brand. Needless to say, it’s been a hit of note. To the point where I’d venture that for South African people selling stuff it’s more useful than eBay.

Now, selling something can be quite intimidating. Selling something online is even more so for me. I’m in a sales position during the day, but that’s something I can do. Selling online. Hmmmm…

So, using BidOrBuy is pretty easy. In some senses easier than eBay.

And it’s mostly free.

Now I’m pretty grateful to a friend who invited me along to an eBay seminar to learn how to sell things on eBay. So, even though the knowledge is a bit rusted, I can still remember quite a bit.

Now, the important thing is details. As much detail as possible. Benefits, pros, cons, details. Sell to the heart and the mind.

Well, BidOrBuy, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I’m putting it online now.

EDIT: 2013/10/25

The link to the advert isĀ

EDIT: 2013/10/30

WOW! It’s been sold. Yes, there was a bit of negotiation to be done, but it was sold and a fair price (I believe). I think I’m hoooooked!


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