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Monthly archives for October, 2013

Selling domain names – an exper...

I’ve had a few domain names for a looooong time. And worst of all, I pay my yearly domain name fees, but never do anything about it. So, I’ve decided to explore the selling of domain names as my next little experiment.


no freakin ways – it still work...

Many moons ago I tried to build a company called ITPiMP. Even built a “corporate” website. I was quite proud of the website as it had nice features in without using flash. And it was even SEO friendly! Check it out: I think I still coded it using the a cacophony of different JS scripts […]


Now for something completely differen...

Pardon the strange title, but I’ve completely become fedup with vets and fleas. Yes, they’re curable (and so are fleas… 😀 ), but geez, my poor pets are suffering just as badly from some of the cures than some of the ailments.