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Webmasters, put dates on your posts, SERIOUSLY!

This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves in the world. Experienced webmasters not putting dates on their posts. Why, do you ask? Well, let me put it into perspective.


I surf a lot. Daily. I read about anything and everything. Do research and stuff. And I use the internet to trouble shoot technical problems on hardware that we use throughout our network.

Now, I’m searching and searching for a resolution, reading article after article, just to realise that the article is 3 years old, making it 30 years in real world time. Totally useless. And what really ticks me off if I can only determine the approximate age by reviewing the comments on the articles.

Please, webmasters, put dates on your posts. It really helps the surfer to determine the relevance to current real world time. Yes, it’ll force you to continually update your content, BUT relevant content DOES attract more feet.

Today, I was looking at this pageĀ I was trying to determine if the 2013 championships were coming or have gone. And their “blog” just doesn’t have dates in it. So there’s NO WAY determining relevance. And I’m sorry, if you don’t want to respect the surfer and their needs, the surfer wont respect your needs, which is: new and returning visitors.

ME? I close pages these days that don’t have a reference to the date it was posted on. I know the risk is I’ll read past my solution or info, but it’s become a matter of principle.

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