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Goodbye Firefox, Hallo Chrome…

My friends always ask me why I still use Firefox. My standard answer is usually: Cause I like it.

Well, to be honest, I still do…

But what I don’t like is this: it hangs. It’s slow. It doesn’t clean its memory (YES, I know I can fix it but it’s supposed to be fixed out of the box like other browsers). It hangs (again, cause it just hung while I was typing this again).

And, I think it’s going to get worse, especially as they don’t have Google money backing them anymore. Now they have to pay and maintain their own way.

No matter how many addons I can load and pretty I can make it look, I need to grow up. I want speed. Not a browser that has Java requirements on Windows. I want a browser that has IE requirements and performance on Windows.

I do a bit of web development on the side. I cannot sit for 10 seconds waiting for a page to refresh. Especially if that page takes 1 second in Chrome. So… Goodbye ol’ friend.


Well, after using Chrome for a while I must say… eish. So it’s more stable and reliable, but the usually when the grass is greener on the other side it’s cause there’s more cr@p. Drawback of Chrome? It uses a sh@tload of RAM. Just to open up. Is it worth it? Not sure anymore. The plugins of Firefox is soooo much better.

EDIT (again 2013/09/13):

Well, I’m seriously considering going back to Firefox. Chrome uses seriously to much memory. 200MB just to run 2 pages. OK, so I’ve got a few extensions loaded, but really? Right now, I’m editing this page, on for site statistics, one google page open and two cPanel pages and it’s got 11 processes running! Total memory of over 400MB ! And I love my RAM more than my HD. It’s definitely not worth it anymore. AND then I remembered an article I read about the Google / Firefox deal (read and search Yahoo for “Google funds Firefox”). I’m not impressed anymore. But…. I’m hooked on Chrome. 🙁

EDIT (AGAIN, 2013/09/17)

So, yesterday, my Samsung laptop’s MB fries. I’m not sad, cause it has been giving issues since day one. Now starts the big job of migration and installing onto a new laptop. Ai (mostly). But, having done this thousands of times on different OS’s, I’m pretty well trained. The one part that was definitely the EASIEST of all was Google Chrome. I installed onto the new laptop and then just logged into Chrome. It installed everything! My bookmarks, passwords, history, EVERYTHING! Which I was deeply grateful for. My only concern is, uh, they’ve got EVERYTHING in storage! No privacy! Catch 22. Still, I’m pretty happy. And it runs sweetly on Windows 8.


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