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XAMPP a no-no for Windows 7, WampServer rocks

Well, been doing a little (read HUGE) project in the evenings and been using XAMPP. Which (naively) I’ve believed was the shizniz. But, it’s slow on windows. To give you and idea, when I upload my project to the web (From SA to Dallas, Texas) I get better responses on the AJAX queries from Texas than I do from my localhost.

So, searching StackOverflow (probably the best Forums in the world) I got some excellent advise to try WAMP. Well, after struggling to get the site ported (yes, a total of 15 minutes to move from XAMPP to WAMP) I got it going and the response speeds was lightning!

So, if you’re considering localhost development of PHP, mySQL and Apache, WAMP’s the way to go.

Update: 2013/09/09 – OK, so, I’ve done some homework, seeing as WAMP also slowed down. Seems it’s an issue on IE and (W/L/X)AMP software. IE done some funny stuff and that causes Apache to become unresponsive.

What finally sorted out it hanging was putting right at the end of the httpd.conf the following lines:

# Fix IE crashing Apache
AcceptFilter http none

AcceptFilter https none

Restart Apache and IE page requests doesn’t hang your Apache (or at least, this worked for me).

Another thing I did was putting into my hosts file pointers for “sites”. Like


Hope someone finds this useful.


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